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About Us

We are in a mission to help the helpless

Organisational vision

Our Trust has the vision to serve the young school students to built their socio economic upliftment in society and intellectual, competent, Morally upright, Physiologically integrated, Physically healthy and socially acceptable individual in our vibrant society.

Organisational mission

  1. To support students financially to come out of their poverty
  2. To stimulate academic competency
  3. To instill commitment to values
  4. To promote holistic development

Organisational strategy

To support financially as scholarships to more than 500 children in our area, enable them to get quality education by giving special coaching classes after school hours.

Core values and principles that the organisation stands for

This Noble Trust has the Principles “Lift Up Your Heart And Mind “as its values to remind as of our lofty goal. The Trust develops each and every school students and the common public, not only in a literary tone but also in all-round development of personality and character.

Holy Trinity Trust runs a school in the name of Elsie Matriculation Higher Secondary School since 2005.

Students at evening coaching class

Three areas of strengths

  1. Ability to support financially to the needy Parents.
  2. Eradicating illiteracy among the students, parents and elders of our area.
  3. Easy approach created to the parents towards the Trust members to get their scholarships.

Our students have been innovatively challenged by “keeping tests, exams to score high marks” for continuation of scholarship. Students performed well and the results were very positive.

Marks secured in Govt. Public exams by students Scholarship amount
480/500 marks Rs. 26,000/- scholarship
460/500 marks Rs. 13450/- scholarship
450/500 marks Rs. 6300/- scholarship

Our Trust Activities

Free online classes to the poor children of Coimbatore.

Distribution of 200 Free Medical cylinders to corona patients through our sister concern Elsie Enterprises

Free distribution of food pockets to starving public

Waiver of school fees to poor parents

Plan to initiate skill development training to the locals

Efforts are on to arrange vaccinations camps through Trust to help public.

Meet Our Team

Our Trustees

Theophilus Rajendra Kumar

Managing Trustee



Rosy Mary


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