Head of the Organisation

Name of Organisational Head   Mr. M. Theophilus Rajendra Kumar
Professional Qualification M.Sc., B.Ed.,
Email theophilusrajendrakumar@gmail.com
Contact No. 9940819528
Date of Appointment 07.07.2005

Organisational Staff Profile

Number Type
       4 A.    No. of Permanent Staff / Full-Time Staff
        - B.     No of Contractual / Temporary Staff
       10 C.     No. of Part time Paid Staff
         - D.    No. of Volunteers
        14 Total No. of Staff (A+B+C+D)
       64% Percentage of Female Staff out of Total Staff
      OBC - 100% Percentage of SC/ ST/ OBC members out of Total Staff
       NIL Percentage of Staff with Disabilities out of Total Staff